Bringing The Power Of The Sun To Your Property

Ad Energy’s carefully constructed process is comprehensive. Our solar consultants work with customers in their decision to go solar and consider their unique energy requirements to customize the best system to fit their needs. Project managers communicate with them throughout the process as our team provides the planning, design, engineering, permitting, financing (including taking full advantage of incentives), and installation of the premium solar panel systems. We believe in educating customers so that they understand what they are purchasing, how it works, and what it means. Our services:

SunPower Panels On A Home In New Jersey
SunPower Solar Panels On A Commercial Building
EV Charging Station
Employee Performing A Re-Roofing Job
Employee Performing Maintenance On A Tablet
SunPower Storage System

Why Switch To Solar

There are many great reasons for New Jersey residents to switch to solar energy. Below, are some of the top reasons you may wish to consider for your own unique situation.

$0 Down
Couple On Patio With SunPower Panels On Their HomeWe have several programs which can help New Jersey homeowners switch for no money down. Learn more.

26% Federal Tax Credits
Switch to solar before the federal tax credit runs out at the end of 2023! Learn more

25 Year-Full Warranty
Experience peace of mind with our “bumper to bumper” 25 year warranty. Learn more

Protection From Rate Increases
Reduce or even eliminate your current utility bill. Unlike your current electricity provider, solar energy NEVER has a rate increase! It’s always FREE.

Immediate, Real Savings
Solar energy is unlimited, reliable, and clean. We can help you go solar and start saving money from day 1.

Increase Home Value
Not only will you save money on your energy bills, but solar systems increase the value of your home without raising your property tax assessment in New Jersey!

Why Solar Energy is Good For Business

There are many great reasons for New Jersey businesses to install solar energy. Below, are some of the top reasons you may wish to consider for your own unique situation.

Solar Panels On A Commercial BuildingLong-Term ROI
Most New Jersey Businesses recoup their initial investment in 10 years or less. Meaning you receive a minimum of 15 years of free electricity – 100% guaranteed by our industry-leading Warranty.

Corporate Responsibility
Do good by doing good. A healthier planet is everyone’s responsibility. According to multiple studies, workplaces that make conservation a priority have healthier and happier employees!

Eliminate Uncertainty
No more fear of the uncertainty of rate hikes that eat into your budget by increasing your overhead. It is much easier to plan for … FREE!

Social Benefit
A large percentage of U.S. consumers “would prefer” to do business with companies that place a priority on sustainability and energy conservation. Solar is one of the easiest steps you can take – in terms of promoting your efforts.

EV Technology & Incentives

EV Being ChargedYou may not have one yet but EVs are coming. Let us help you plan your solar installation for this inevitability. We can tell you what to expect with your EV purchase and we can help you size your system based on your driving habits and model of car. A hardwired high output Level 2 charger can be installed in your garage or carport as part of your solar system. Make this investment now so you are ready for the future.

Tax credits are based on the battery size and go up to $7,500 for customers who purchase an Electric Vehicle, but they won’t last forever. The expiration date is separate for each manufacturer and occurs after an automaker sells 200,000 qualified vehicles. Tesla hit the milestone first in July 2018. As a result, there are no federal tax credits for Tesla now. More and more manufacturers are introducing EVs, so there is no limit of choices on the market!

Give Your Roof More Sunshine

Employee Performing Routine Maintenance On A Tablet.

Our experienced team of solar installers and technicians can help keep your solar system performing at its highest level. If you are experiencing less than expected results from your system, whether we installed it or not, Ad Energy is here to help. Our engineers can determine the cause of system inefficiencies and, more importantly, figure out the solutions to bring the solar array back to peak performance if possible.

We are here to help you get the most energy from your solar system, to save the most money on clean, sustainable solar energy now and into the future, and to help battle climate change.

Make Your Roof Work Harder

At Ad Energy it’s important to us that those who want to go solar can go solar. As our company has evolved, we have developed more services to make solar power possible for more homeowners. Ad Energy’s roofing division is a crucial service we have added.

Roofs and solar systems go hand in hand. Solar systems are designed to last decades, so having a solid roofing foundation is critical to installing a solar system. What we have found in our 12+ years in the business is:

  • Combining a new roof with solar saves homeowners lots of money on that new roof
  • Solar arrays protect roofs by slowing the degradation of the roof beneath them

If you’re thinking about a new roof or solar project, let us evaluate your home for free. We can recommend what is needed, offer a competitive quote, and start your project very quickly. Additionally, one of our veteran consultants will walk you through the entire process.

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Battery Storage Creates Peace Of Mind

Batter Being Charged In A HomeAdding battery storage to your solar electric system creates a dependable solution for all your energy needs. Use it day or night to self-power your home. Adding battery storage creates peace of mind – bad weather, blackouts and unexpected outages won’t disrupt your life. With both solar and a solar battery, you can determine how best to power your home – energy from the sun, power from your battery or tap into the grid.

Our energy storage systems are specifically designed to provide you and your family peace of mind in the event of a power outage. Its unique power detection system will sense outages in real-time and automatically switch over to battery power!

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Solar Panel Accessories

At Ad Energy, we provide protection for your solar system to ensure each panel output meets the expected production guarantee. We offer solar panel accessories including Alpine SnowGuards, Skirts and Critter Guards to keep out unwanted elements that might impact your PV array.

Ask us about panel cleaning and maintenance packages or to request service please visit our service request page.