West Berlin, NJ, October 25, 2021 – Ad Energy, a SunPower Authorized Dealer, recently launched a new website featuring a consumer-friendly Solar Calculator that makes it easy to calculate an approximate cost of going solar based on location, electricity bill and system type. It can also quickly estimate the savings that can be realized by going solar.

For over 12 years, Ad Energy has been on a mission to convert as many homes and businesses as possible to clean, renewable solar energy. Originally the company helped finance solar installations, but soon found that they could have greater impact by becoming solar installers. With a professional team including experienced sales staff, dedicated engineers, expert project managers and installers, Ad Energy is able to plan and install premium solar energy systems more efficiently and faster than any other New Jersey solar company. Their finance background allows them to offer the best possible options for loans and leases, assuring that customers can take advantage of available tax credits and incentives.

Ad Energy’s goal has been to bring a level of professionalism and efficiency typical of larger companies to the solar installation industry, making it easy and painless for every homeowner to go solar. They offer an impressive list of services designed to help most New Jersey property owners switch to solar and to save money on electricity. From residential and commercial solar systems to battery storage, EV charging, maintenance and even re-roofing, Ad Energy is helping customers reduce costs and reduce the effects of climate change.

“We are excited to launch a new website with the amazing Solar Calculator that will help homeowners see just how affordable and what a great investment a solar energy system can be,” stated Andy Wall, Principal. “We strive to make ‘going solar’ as simple as possible for all!”

The Authorized Dealer designation was awarded by SunPower to Ad Energy as a residential dealer who demonstrates excellence in consultation, design, finance options and customer satisfaction. They handle the solar energy process for customers including system design, permitting, installation, and backup storage. For more information visit ad-energy.com.