Level 1 vs Level 2

Level 1 charging simply involves plugging your EV into a standard wall outlet with the provided charging cable. This can take up to 24-hours to fully charge a modern EV depending on the size of the battery and range of the vehicle. Level 2 charging usually requires some electrical work but provides for significantly faster charging.

There are two types of Level 2 charging installations. One is simply a special high voltage outlet, like what large appliances use, the other includes a specialty charging device. Both do the job, but the charging device gives you more options and control. These devices are often required to capture utility incentives.

Upgrading to a Level 2 EV charger drastically reduces charge time, giving you the range you need faster.

The average EV will charge at 40 – 50 miles of range per hour with a Level 2 charger. That means that almost all available EVs can charge from empty to full overnight (8 hours). It also makes “topping off” a lot faster. Leveling up is a no-brainer! Just make sure when you do, you have a licensed, experienced professional hook it up.

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