Understanding the Cost of Your Solar Energy System Will Help You Realize the Incredible Savings You Will Realize
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Each house and situation is different. The cost of your solar energy system will vary on the specifics of these differences. Below, are some of the differences that can impact the cost of your solar system.

  • Orientation of Your Roof

The specific angle of your roof has a direct impact on the angle the sun hits your solar panels. Less-than-optimal angles may require additional panels to compensate – meaning slightly higher costs for your solar energy system.

  • Size of Your Roof

Your roof may not be large enough to accommodate the number of solar panels needed to completely offset your energy needs. In this case, there are good alternatives … but the prices vary tremendously depending on your specific situation.

  • Your Specific Energy Needs:

Let’s face it, some families simply use more electricity than others. We need to match the size of your solar energy system with the needs of YOUR family.

  • Other Factors:

The type of roofing material your home uses, the age of your roof, surrounding trees or other obstructions, and a variety of other factors can have a significant impact on the cost of your solar energy system.

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