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Provider Checklist

Installation Timeline In 5 Easy Steps

Our project process has been painstakingly designed to deliver our customers a professional and easy experience. Ad Energy delivers best-of-industry project timelines (statement verified by BBB) – because when you buy something, you want it now. And we involve you formally in the project at important milestones, ensuring that you get the system you want.

Step 1

Step 1: Solar Consultation

It all begins with us getting to know you and your family’s electricity needs. A qualified Ad Energy Solar consultant will schedule a visit, and sit down with you and your family to discuss what you want out of solar, and what solar can do for you.

We’ll take you through every aspect of your new solar power system; solar technology, how solar works together with the utility, solar incentives, financing options, and any other related project needs. You’ll find that your salesperson is deeply knowledgeable, and obsessed with ensuring you make a well informed decision about solar. This step is critical to ensuring your solar system fits your needs, and that the installation project moves forward smoothly and effortlessly (for you!).

60-90 minutes , often scheduled in as little as 1 to 2 days 

Step 2
Second: Customize your solar solution

Step 2: Design & Permitting

Your project kicks off on day 1 with a call with your dedicated project manager to review your project and schedule your site survey. Your project manager will be your dedicated point of contact from day 1 until your system is placed in service.

Our carefully constructed project process runs as many things as possible in parallel, keeping the time from decision to on your roof as short as possible. By the time you receive your site survey, some applications will have already been filed and the first friendly “chase” call placed.

The site survey kicks off the detailed engineering of your project. Our rigorous site survey allows us to engineer a system that conforms to the unique conditions of your home’s structure and electrical system.

Some companies attempt to reduce cost and project timelines by skipping the site survey. We encourage all solar customers to ask this question when evaluating solar contractors.

Organized by New Jersey’s own Princeton engineering grads, our engineering team has serious chops. Many solar projects are straightforward, but some aren’t, and for those that aren’t, you’ll appreciate the talent our engineering team brings to the table.

The last application is your permit application, filed with your local construction authority. Receiving this approval can take a few weeks. We do not take a “file it and forget it” approach. We actively hold construction officials to standards for timeliness of their review, and frequently intervene to remove obstacles to get projects approved quickly.

30-40 Days , an industry-leading timeline! 

Step 3
Third: Review, switch, and save

Step 3: Construction

We’ve bragged about how quickly we get your project to this point. Here, we’re proud to claim the opposite. We don’t waste time, but we also don’t rush. We take the time we need to make sure every connection is solid, every bolt secure, and your system looks neat and beautiful on your roof.

We schedule our work so that it is convenient for you. Our crew lead takes the time at the start of the work to make sure you understand and approve where all wires are going to run, and gets your approval at the end of the day before leaving the site. Finally, expect a call from our customer care team after your installation, as a final opportunity for you to voice any concerns you may have.

1-2 Days , depending on project size and complexity 

Step 3
Third: Review, switch, and save

Step4: Utility Interconnection

After construction, we arrange for your local construction official to inspect the project. Once the project has passed inspection, several applications again need to be filed to gain approval to energize your system. These applications are routine, nevertheless your local construction office and utility can take time to review and approve. Again, the Ad Energy “don’t just file it and forget it” approach to routine applications gets these approvals as fast as possible.

30-40 Days (average) , depending on your town and utility company 

Step 3
Third: Review, switch, and save

Step 5: System Operation

For as long as your system is operating, we’ll be here making sure your system is producing what it should. Just like with your dedicated project manager, each of our locations has a dedicated customer care manager, ensuring you have easy access to help if you need anything.

Once your solar energy system is completed, our maintenance team makes sure everything is performing at the highest levels via online performance monitoring software. Performance monitoring is included as part of every solar installation, allowing you to monitor the efficiency and performance 24×7.

20-25 Years , we are here with you for the long-haul!