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Solar is one of the best investment opportunities available. Benefit from state and federal incentives and enjoy decades of free electricity. 

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Go solar with no money out of pocket and reap all the financial benefits of purchasing the system. Then, sit back and let the solar savings pay off the loan for you. 

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Go solar with no money out of pocket and save on your electricity costs for 25 years. 

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Making Solar Simple

Ad Energy was founded back in 2009 with the simple mission of making it simple for homeowners and small businesses to go solar. We are a proudly east coast based company, with offices in Princeton, NJ and Brooklyn, NY. Keep it local.


Don’t sign a contract to put any old equipment on your roof – the equipment matters! At Ad Energy we pride ourselves on being the best out there. We use only the highest quality components in the systems we build, we invest heavily in our engineering capabilities, and we make sure our customers get the best system for their situation. Your system will be durable, and it will look good.

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