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EV FAQs2022-08-15T21:46:45-05:00

Understanding EV Charging

Ad Energy can install your level 2 home EV charger in 3 days or less. How does it work and what’s involved?

What is Level 1 charging?2022-02-17T22:36:04-05:00

Level 1 uses standard 120V outlets in your house and the plug provided with your EV to trickle charge your vehicle. Level 1 charges between 2 and 5 miles of range per hour. Full recharge times could take over 24 hours.

Who does the permitting?2021-12-14T15:13:55-05:00

Ad Energy handles everything from installation to permitting so you have nothing to worry about. Our team are experts in all things solar + EV.

What information do you require for my virtual quote?2021-12-14T15:12:59-05:00

During the virtual consultation, our engineers will need to see a picture of your main service panel, a picture of where you would like the charger, and what’s between them to get started. 

What if I need an MSP upgrade?2021-12-14T15:11:38-05:00

Ad Energy will take care of everything from permitting to installion with our in-house professional installers and licensed electricians. To get started on your custom charger quote please contact us here.

Plug vs. hardwiring?2021-12-14T15:10:31-05:00

Up to you – hardwiring typically allows for most amperage therefore fastest charging.

How fast will it charge?2021-12-14T15:09:59-05:00

Level 1 (regular plug) 2-5 MPH and Level 2 approximately 20 – 60 MPH. To learn more visit our How It Works section.

What’s the cost?2021-12-14T15:08:27-05:00

Depends on type of installation, where the charger will be installed, if an MSP upgrade is needed. Our team of dedicated solar consultants are here to help you with a custom quote.

Can my charger be installed outside?2021-12-14T15:07:40-05:00

Yes, most residential EV chargers are water and dust resistant and designed to be installed and work outdoors.

How fast can my Level 2 charger be installed?2021-12-14T15:06:33-05:00

Ad Energy is here to help! Our team can typically install a Level 2 charger in as little as 2-business days.

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